Harry & Meghan, Oprah, Princess Diana & Royal Family Conspiracies!

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Today’s show is about the Royal Family! We discuss the Oprah interview with Harry and Megan and Mrs. Weishaupt gives us the background info on the Royal Family and why we should care! Isaac will dive into the idea that Oprah is in the Illuminati, the Royals are shape shifting lizard people and the Princess Diana death conspiracy – because Harry basically said he’s worried it was going to happen to his wife next!!!


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32 replies on “Harry & Meghan, Oprah, Princess Diana & Royal Family Conspiracies!”

To clarify, Queen Elizabeth’s father was named Albert. In some circles called “Dirty Bertie” because he famously had a dirty sense of humor and had several naughty mistresses. The stutter came about as childhood trauma from his father who was the cousin of the Czar of Russia whose family was assassinated by the Bolsheviks in a basement. Albert’s older brother, King Edward, abdicated the English throne to marry an American divorcee Wallace Simpson. This happened sometime in the 1920s. After this, his brother (the stutterer) became King. He died of lung cancer and then Elizabeth became Queen. Also, Princess Diana was of the royal bloodline, although several times removed. She and Prince Charles were related and so it makes sense that because she had the “blue blood”, that they wouldn’t want her to be sexually mixing with someone whom they considered to be of an inferior race. Additionally, Prince William and Princess Kate are remotely related as well. This is not conjecture, you can easily find it on the internet. Diana was chosen because of her bloodline, her age, and because she was a virgin. Lord Mountbatten was the matchmaker for Charles and Diana. He was the one who encouraged Charles to pursue Diana for his wife and convinced him that Camilla was a lost cause. Thanks. Really enjoy your podcasts.

To complete the circle of durge, would it surprise you that Jimmy Savile who was a good friend of the royals and invited to Christmas dinner with the prime minister on a number of occasions, that he offered his services to Charles and Diana in the capacity of marriage guidance….
This is specifically referenced in Princess Diana’s biography.

My jaw dropped watching Harry abd bride make comments on suicidal thoughts and racism. I never knew Meghan was 1/4 black cause she’s lighter than most of us.
Seems fishy

In fairness….Archie isn’t in line for a title just like Prince Andrew’s daughters. He’s nowhere close in the succession. William and his children are but not Harry.
It’s just the way it rolls in the Royal family
Harry gets the perks if he continues to serve but taxpayers aren’t hot to pay their bills when they decided to live in the USA.


Mrs. and Mr. Weishaupt, this is so exciting as someone who has followed Illuminati Watcher for many years now (inspired me to start my own fringe podcast) this warms my heart! I love mom and dads of the conspiracy world, so alongside Truthstream Media, welcome Illuminati Ma n Pa.

Much love and luck

Hello from Canada.
Yes here in Canada we are still part of the Common wealth. Our P.M here reports to the governor General who is the eyes and ears for the crown.
Its really odd that we are a sovereign nation yet controlled by the crown. We used to fly the British flag until 1965 when we adopted the Red and White maple leaf flag.
It is my understanding that when the queen kicks the bucket we may move forward with leaving the common wealth and have our own head of state. Its all really odd and I don’t really have much more info to share.

Love the show. Cheers.

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